President’s Message

As president, I’d like to encourage each of you to plan on attending our upcoming events, starting with the Fall Seminar at Shanty Creek, September 27-29 in Bellaire, Michigan. One of they key presentations will be our own Devin Sullivan and Mischa Bordman, attorneys at Zausmer, August & Caldwell, P.C. presenting “From Legislation to Litigation: Michigan’s ‘Thumb Loop’ Transmission Line.” This presentation was a big hit at the International Conference in Anchorage and provides an overview of ITC’s transmission line project that spanned 140 miles and 500 parcels, requiring the construction of four new substations.

The conference in Anchorage this past June was amazing. I was especially thrilled having our own Mary Anne Marr as the international president. The conference was fun, educational, and it was a special honor for our chapter having Mary Anne leading the Association.

As the year is shaping up, our success as a chapter relies heavily on the resources of our good members. I’m proud of having so many bright minds and hard workers pulling together to provide the presentations and educational offerings that bring high levels of professionalism to our work. And with that, we’re always looking for new, leading edge presentations. So if you’ve been involved with an interesting project, or have some specialized insights, contact either myself or Dave Nepper, our Chapter Vice President and Program Chair.

Finally, we appreciate our chapter sponsors. Much of what we do wouldn’t be possible without your financial support. Be sure to consider a sponsorship package this year! Rob Bourgeois, chapter President Elect and sponsorship chair has several options available.

Best Wishes!

Michael F. Kurschat, M.F.S., ASA, MAI

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